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Individual Menu Place names

Individual Menu Place names

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Menu place cards combine both your guests name, and the menu for the wedding breakfast meal. Please read below details about the designs, types of menu and also the information about course types. There are infinite design & style options available for bespoke ordering and our most popular choices are below for you to view. 

Menu Customisation level - this doesn't effect the look of the menu, it just covers the wording.

A - Set menu - Has each guest name personalised but the menu's will all be the same. We do understand that even with a set menu there are some dietary requirements, so this price allows up to 5 guests with different menu options.

B - 1 course customisable - For weddings where you get to choose the main course, this price covers all guests having 2 courses set, and then an individual option for each main course + as above 5 special menus.

C - 3 course menu - This allows choices for all of guests for all 3 courses, and the prices covers the time it takes to both set up these menu's for print but also the thorough checking that is required afterwards.


Menu Style - information on the type of menu you are choosing - please note whichever 'style' you choose, we will then co-ordinate your design with your chosen theme and colour scheme.

1. Printed - this features a printed design on card.

2. Vellum - a printed design on semi transparent vellum * 

3. Foiled - foiled finish in Gold, Rose gold or silver on card. Can mix with print for a combined effect.

4. Menu with tag - you can choose to have your tag eyeletted or held with a decorative clip as shown.

5. Menu with eyelet & ribbon - choice of eyelet colour & ribbon **

 6. Menu with wax seal - we have a range of wax seal designs and can order in wax in most colours for your stationery.

7. Vellum overlay with eyelet - combine a menu with the print on the vellum layer, over a plain or printed card background.

8. Double layer with eyelet & twine - a top layer with your menu sits over a larger background card featuring a pattern. We can secure this with an eyelet & twine of your colour choice or a ribbon.

9. Square folded card - this design has the guest name on the front then inside we can add your menu and also order of the day, or a special message, list of speeches etc.


The design - This listing as with all reception listings is for you to choose the style of menu you would like. The printed design elements, colours and fonts will match the Bruski design theme that you choose. 


(important note - vellum is a beautiful paper type but sensitive to humidity and if your wedding day turns out to be very humid the vellum may take on a curl - this hasn't happened at a wedding for us yet but please be aware)

** There is a large choice or ribbon colour, type and thickness. Wider / thicker ribbons will not fit through the eyelet so we don't add the eyelet for these.

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